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Dansungsa Open Hour : 4pm-2am 365 days - 7 days open


Japan has the izakaya. Britain has the gastro pub. In Korea, the savvy diner looking for great food and a great time heads for the pojangmacha.
Pojangmacha serves Koreans as both restaurant and pub, serving tapas ( Anju) with authentic Korean spirit beverages such as soju and makgulli.

One need not fly across the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the dining and entertainment experience that is pojangmacha. Since 1997, Dansungsa has welcomed Southern Californians to join in the pojangmacha experience. Located in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles, Dansunga has become a "must go" destination for visitors hungry for authentic, delicious Korean anju and dishes. Profiled and lauded in numerous lifestyle and dining publications, Dansunga delivers the best read more...